What is the Best League in the World?

Now this is a question that will get brought up many times in chats between soccer fans so we thought we would try to tackle it ourselves. The standard of soccer around the world has never been better, we are now seeing better players and better teams each and every season but one question still remains answered: What is the Best League in the World? There have even been statistical looks at this question but it is still no easier to answer.

This question is usually a head to head between the Premier League and La Liga. Although in the mid 1990s Serie A would have been a main contender, in recent season the level of the league just hasn’t been up to where it usually is. Although Juventus reached the Champions League final in 2015 they were well beaten by Barcelona and quite frankly they just aren’t challenge in the domestic league which makes it not too fun to watch.

However another real contender has risen in the place of the Italian league, the Bundesliga. Bayern Munich have been a European Super Power for years but the re-emergence of Dortmund in the league means the Bundesliga has heated up in recent years, attracting some of the best managers in the world and hosting some of the most entertaining games played.

One area where the German Bundesliga does rise above the rest is with the fans. Dortmund fans in particular are revered around the world for their unwavering support and non stop singing. Known as the yellow wall  they turn up week in week out to urge their team on and in recent years they have had a lot to cheer about.

However in terms of quality week in week out, even La Liga struggles to compete with the Premier League. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletico may be three of the leading teams in Europe but really below them the quality ends very quickly. We are treated to at least two el classico’s a season and these really are a spectacle in themselves, the best players in the world going head to head, and two of the best ever in Messi vs Ronaldo pitting their wits against each other to see who comes out on top. But these two teams often cruise to results against everyone else in the league, not having to get out of second gear to get results such as 3,4,5 nil which is another reason why Messi and Ronaldo finish with such high goal scoring figures every season.

That is why the Premier League, overall when weighing up all factors and taking everything in to account is pound for pound the best league in the world. Yes, English clubs may have struggled in recent years in the Champions League but everything does go in cycles and in time they will be back to dominate again. There is just too much quality in the English Premier League for this not to happen.

There is a reason the league is watched in so many countries around the world and the fan base continues to grow. People want to see the best players in the world be competitively tested every single game they play and that is the case in the Premier League which can’t be said for every league in Europe.

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