The Beautiful Game

SO welcome! Welcome, welcome, welcome. Our site is now live and ready for you to enjoy and we really do hope you enjoy it. GLA soccer is here to talk everything soccer related from the EPL to grass roots football and stopping off at everything in between!

We really are soccer fanatics and we hope you’re too. The beautiful game is just pure drama and that is ultimately why we all love it, come on admit it!

Whether you play the game yourself or just watch soccer is hard to beat when it comes to drama, even if you’re basketball fan who loves 3 pointers a last gasp equalizer to tie up the game really is hard to beat!

What about the World Cup final back in 2014. The pure intense, spectacle of Germany vs Argentina, nothing could separate the two world class sides until a moment of magic saw the Germans steal the game with an almost over head kick worthy of winning any major final. It is moments like this that keep us coming back for more and that ultimately led to us starting this blog. We hope you come on this journey with us we would love it if you subscribe and bookmark our page, even tell your friends and get them to tell their friends!

We are also happy to hear from you about what we should cover, do you want more international action or more domestic? We really are all ears and we just hope you follow along, after all what is soccer without the fans? That is such a great question and one Bayern Munich fans recently asked in their game against London club Arsenal. Arsenal are struggling at the moment but are famous for their sky high tickets prices and as a result fans are sick and tired of being treated as if they just don’t care but is there soccer with the fans? We have the answer for that….NO!

So just like the biggest football clubs in the world we hope we build our fanbase, we hope we win trophies and make you all proud and we will do that by delivering truly great content. So follow, follow, follow and see where the adventure takes us.

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